Why Manufacture with K-Lee Designs

K-Lee Designs is an Australian owned manufacturer located just north of Brisbane, Queensland. With over 30 years' experience in fashioning innovative and premium quality clothing, we have established ourselves as a leading manufacturer of Australia.

K-Lee Designs factory north of Brisbane Australia showing sewing machines and cutting station

There are numerous clothing manufacturers worldwide, but why manufacture with K-Lee Designs in particular?


The K-Lee Designs factory is based in Brendale, Queensland near the Strathpine train station. Our close proximity to your preferred delivery location means your orders reach your customers faster. This short lead time means that your delivery costs are considerably lower as well. Many of our local SEQ (South East Queensland) clients actually pick up their orders themselves on the days they pop in for a factory visit.

You can support the Australian economy by manufacturing with K-Lee Designs. As a proud Australian manufacturer, we work hard to promote the growth of the Australian economy and the Australian manufacturing industry. To endorse this, we source all of our fabric and haberdashery from local Australian businesses. All of our manufacturing machines such as our industrial sewing machines are also sourced by local suppliers. Not only this, but essentially all our other necessities and servicing requirements are handled by local Australians as well. Our entire customer base and those working at K-Lee Designs are Australians, and this is our wisdom in supporting them.


The K-Lee Designs factory adheres to Australian manufacturing standards of operation. This ensures the services we provide you are competitive and of high quality. Each garment created in our factory is checked against our quality standards. With over 30 years' experience in the manufacturing industry, we have developed and continue to develop our quality assurance system.


As a manufacturer who adheres to Australian manufacturing standards of operation, we also follow the Australian workplace health and safety regulations. Due to the labour-intensive process involved with fashioning garments, the health and safety of those who work here is especially important to us. Karen, the director of K-Lee Designs, sits at different sewing and bar tacking machines each business day to sew garments. She is always here before any of us, already working away at our manufacturing orders. She also partakes in many other steps in the manufacturing process including cutting, applique application, and packing. Her passion for producing high quality fashion allows her to truly understand our working conditions. Consequently, all those who are employed here at the K-Lee Designs factory work reasonable hours and earn national award rate pay.


As a leading fashion manufacturer in Australia, we recognise the responsibility we have in realising our environmental impact. Factories are one of the largest expenders of energy in the world. This is why solar panels at K-Lee Designs takes advantage of the Australian to sun to power most of the factory. Aside from this, we employ sustainable practices in regard to our waste management. For instance, we like to give our thread spools and fabric rolls to local schools to recycle as art supplies.


K-Lee Designs has over 30 years' experience in creating a variety of clothing for babies, toddlers, children and adults. Since then we have provided wholesale and manufacturing services to numerous businesses Australia-wide. Gymnastics wear, dancewear, activewear and swimwear production are our most requested services to date. We also have our own apparel range that we sell in our physical store and online, where we had the privilege to watch our younger customers grow to wonderfully independent individuals. As a result, we understand the complexities that comes with the territory of designing for the elusive human body as it changes and grows. With our comprehensive experience, we will guide you through the entire process from fabric suppliers all the way to labels and accessories.

IP Protection & Control

IP stands for Intellectual Property. In the fashion industry, your IPs are your fashion designs. The very designs you have spent an extensive amount of time testing and improving to provide value to your customers, or yet to. You are probably aware that there are plenty of cheap and low-quality knockoffs spreading around of great designs. This is because manufacturing overseas is usually a critical gamble. Exposing your IP to this kind of vulnerability can end up damaging your brand. Only you know exactly what kind of fabric and processes makes your design truly loved. So, protect your IP by keeping manufacturing in Australia because your customers only deserve the best.


We prefer to take a personal yet professional approach with our manufacturing clients. We encourage you to visit us in person or to call us over the phone so we can really understand your vision. At first you may be in direct contact with the people who cut, sew and/or completes the finishings on your product. This is so that there is no room for error in bringing your aspirations to life. You will primarily however, be working directly with Karen, the director of K-Lee Designs, from beginning to end. She oversees the entire manufacturing process herself, from cutting all the way to labelling and packing.

K-Lee Designs

Are you located outside of Brisbane? We work with national clients all over Australia, catering to their needs. Contact the K-Lee Designs team with any manufacturing questions you may have through the contact form below. You can also email us at info@kleedesigns.com.au or phone (07) 3205 4211.

Not looking to start or add to your own range or label? Want a custom dance costume, the perfect fitting gymnastics leotard made to your own design, personalised pole fitness bodysuits for your studio, or a made-to-fit bodybuilding bikini for a competition instead? Find out how you can get exactly that over here.

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